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The Times of Steffen Thomas

The Times of Steffen Thomas

Explore History in Steffen’s Eyes!
$5.00 Admission


August/September/October 2019


Wondering how these guys have anything to do with history or Steffen Thomas?  They are a part of history that Steffen noted, interpreted and created art to share with the world.


Come explore works based on historical events that took place throughout Steffen’s monumental career.  Covering society, space, politics and more – Steffen observed and shared incredible events and concepts.









The Lighter Side of Steffen Thomas


Steffen Thomas experimented with two and three-dimensional media of all types. The use of specialty luminescent paints and other light-responsive matter is just another example of the diverse work of this unique master of materials.

Discover fun and hidden content of Steffen Thomas as our summer explodes with the magic of light. Art and content spring to life and new meaning as you walk our West Gallery equipped with a black light flashlight.

Come in your black light best and take a luminescent selfie!  Pick out your favorite mystical black light art piece!

Here’s to art, fun and a twist!

Exhibit runs July 10 thru August 3, 2019

Exhibit Admission is $5.00


Curated by our Guest Curator Tatiana Veneruso