The Museum

About the Museum

The Steffen Thomas Museum of Art is a “single artist” museum displaying the art of Steffen Thomas, one of only fourteen in the United States. Located in the ‘other’ Buckhead, the presence of the museum in the midst of fields and rural locale adds to the magic and peace that Steffen’s art instills in mind and body. The museum’s proximity to Atlanta, Steffen’s home turf, maintains the ties and heritage that he established as an art authority and presence throughout his life.

The Museum was in concept and design entirely due to Sara Thomas’s tireless and diligent efforts. Sara opened the Museum at age 90 and oversaw its daily operation through the last decade of her life. The culture that Sara and Steffen maintained in their home, studio and art lives today throughout the Museum.
The Museum celebrates art in several ways. Education was an important component in Steffen’s training and work ethic; therefore STMA provides educational programs for school children, home schoolers, college students, graduate students, adults and seniors – at any level of interest or knowledge to experience the incredible range of method, topic and message of Steffen’s works.

We also present creative, innovative and introspective exhibits containing Steffen’s works as well as other artists whose careers and works share the love and passion for art. These curated exhibits are frequently accompanied by Salon Talks, informal dialog about the art and artists. Workshops and artist forums take place periodically as well, providing new ideas and inspiration for the most curious and avid art lover.

Our building contains several main galleries, exhibition galleries and special gallery spaces. With a permanent collection of over 400 pieces and access to thousands of pieces of Steffen’s works from the Thomas Family Collection, STAR, the experience visiting the Museum is fresh and exciting on every visit.
We share Steffen and Sara’s love for art and people, and it’s our privilege to share the smile and warm heart as people come to the museum and Joy in Art.