Our Mission:

The Mission of the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art is to provide an opportunity to engage, to learn, and to be inspired through Steffen’s life, art, and legacy.

The Museum fulfills this mission by using its large permanent collection of the artist’s sculpture, paintings, mosaics, ceramics, furniture, works on paper, personal papers and artifacts documenting his life. Specifically, the Collection is used to demonstrate creative artistic expression, enable people of all ages to discover and develop their own talents, as well as achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and the connection of humankind with the environment and other living beings.

The Steffen Thomas Museum and Archives, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and is open and staffed on a regular schedule.

Our Vision:

Utilizing our permanent collection of works by Steffen Thomas, works by visiting emerging regional artists, and a mission of public service, The Steffen Thomas Museum of art strives to foster critical thinking, empathy, community engagement, and to bring visual arts and an authentic museum experience to both children and adults in the rural Georgia community we serve and the greater communities.