Faces In Time

January 31 – March 30, 2019

Faces In Time:

Featuring Steffen Thomas with Leanna Leithauser Lesley and Chris Cook

Opening Reception:

Thursday, January 31, 2019, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Exhibition Dates: January 31- March 30, 2019

Works-on-paper, sculptures, mosaics, and fiber art portraits of renowned individuals who have influenced the world: Jazz Musicians, Civil Rights Activists, Poets, Writers, Politicians, even a Queen . . . immortalized through art by Master Artist Steffen Thomas, needle-point portrait artist Leanna Leithauser Lesley, and southern expressionist painter Chris Cook.

Steffen Thomas, a prolific artist, was inspired by current events, politics, music, psychology, and literature.  He sculpted, painted, carved and cast portraits of famous people throughout his lifetime. Many were his personal friends; all were important.  Come spend some time with Rosalind Russell; Eve White, Eve Black, and Jane; Walt Whitman, Harold Kreutzberg, Kahlil Gibran, Catherine the First, The Jackson Five and others.   

Trained as a visual artist, fiber artist Leanna Leithauser Lesley now chooses to “paint” her canvas with yarn, stitching intricate portraits of jazz musicians and civil rights activists . . . freehand.  In rejecting the shortcuts associated with technology, she has elevated needlepoint as an art form. In 2006, Ms. Lesley was commissioned by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to create an exhibit featuring portraits of some of the movement’s legendary personalities.  

Over the years, Chris Cook has painted in a wide variety of styles, medium and subject matter – contemporary spiritual, realism, southern landscapes, abstract and still life.  With brush, black paint and pallet knife – his current medium of choice – Chris is creating remarkably life-like portraits of well-known people, providing viewers a way “to look into the eyes of others . . . especially people of fame.”

Image Credit:

Dear W.W. (Walt Whitman), Steffen Thomas. (c) STAR LP of Georgia

Nina Simone, Leanna Leithauser Lesley  

Stephen Hawking, Chris Cook

Robin Williams, Chris Cook