Patrons, Staff, and Board of Directors

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Fiscal Year 2016 Sponsors Champions: $3000 and up


Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta – Morgan Fund, Grants to Green
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Conner
Conrads Family Fund
C.R. Bard Foundation
Georgia Council for the Arts
Drs. Hathia and Andrew Hayes

Dr. and Mrs. M Robert Lowe
Mr. Richard Lowrance
Ms. Mary Nell McLauchlin and Ed Ferko
Smith Communications, Inc.
Steffen Thomas Art Representatives, LP
Mr. Douglass Thomas
UBS Financial Services



Ambassadors: $2000-2999


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burnett
DreamTeam Technologies, Inc.
Georgia Power Foundation
Susan Thomas Weibel
Francis Wood Wilson
Madison Studios



Benefactors: $1000-1999



Bryant Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Connie Cooke
DuBose Law Group, LLC
Morgan County Citizen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith
Central GA EMC Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crawshaw
Ms. Betty Giles
Ms. Janet Mason
SellEthics Marketing Group
Watson Brown Foundation
Whidby Jewelers



Advocates: $500-999



Bank of Madison
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Davis
Jim Boyd and Associates, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Jones
Amanda Martin, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Strelecki
Mrs. Steffen Thomas, Jr.
Betty Straw Brown, CPA
DOCK 103.9 WDDK FM Radio
Drs. Hiram & Babs Johnston
Main Street Veterinary Hospital
Piedmont Recycling and Refuse
Sugarloaf Wealth Management
Tri County EMC


* July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016


Board of Directors


  • President Wilson DuBose
  • Vice President Roland Lewan
  • Secretary/Treasurer Raul Otalora
  • Brandie Anderson
  • Alice Lee Andreottola
  • Charles Bonner
  • Emily Buck
  • Connie Cooke
  • Jane Crawshaw
  • Linda Huggins
  • Beverly Jones
  • Mary Jones
  • Deidre Knotts
  • Janet Mason
  • Ellen Sanders
  • Mark Smith, Jr.
  • Felicia Watkins
  • Susan Weibel
  • Cathy Whitcomb

Advisory Panel

  • Alan Z. Aiches
  • Alice Lee Andreottola
  • Dr. Jannie Broadnax
  • Paul Bourgeois
  • Robin Thomas Burnett
  • Lisa Thomas Conner
  • Elizabeth D'Huart
  • Michelle Burnett Donovan
  • Anne & Larry Gilleland
  • Lee Glenn
  • Drs. Hathia & Andrew Hayes
  • Mary Nell McLauchlin
  • Dr. Leara Rhodes
  • Nancy Seagraves
  • Mark Smith, Sr.
  • Regina Stewart
  • Andrea Thomas
  • Douglass Thomas
  • Linda Thoman
  • Nancy Vaughan



  • Patricia DuBose, Interim Director
  • Lisa Conner, Managing General Partner of STAR & Curator of Steffen Thomas Exhibits
  • Pamala Tomany, Office Administrator
  • Amy Smoler, Arts Outreach Coordinator
  • Sadie Carter, Visitor Services Associate
  • Ashley Myers, Visitor Services Associate
  • Elizabeth Collins, Freelance Lead Teacher
  • Chuck Hanes, Freelance Teacher
  • Angelina Bellebuono, Freelance Writer and Workshop Teacher


  • Lisa Conner
  • Chuck Connor
  • Jill Connolly
  • Connie Cooke
  • Patricia DuBose
  • Anne Gilleland
  • Janet Mason
  • Kate Roberts
  • Amy Smoler
  • Karen Strelecki
  • Joyce Thomas
  • Pamala Tomany
  • Nancy Vaughan