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Steffen Thomas Collections Steffen Thomas works have been shown in exhibitions at the Museum, Summit Grove, the Morris Museum of Art & the Ogden Museum of Southern Art
Permanent Collection Our vast collection is exhibited in the main gallery, with rotating Steffen Thomas works that range from sculpture, painting, mosaics, ceramics, furniture, to works on paper
Current Exhibition
December 1, 2016 - February 25, 2017
Garden with Venus
and Other Paintings
Nicholas Kilmer

“Garden with Venus and Other Paintings by Nicholas Kilmer” on display, December 1- February 25

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Mission Statement

The Steffen Thomas Museum of Art (STMA) is dedicated to providing art education programs and projects for children and families in rural Northeast and Middle Georgia communities. Using Georgia artist Steffen Thomas's work as examples of creative expression the museum provides opportunities for children to develop their own talents, a deeper understanding of themselves, of their connections to all living things and of their responsibility for preserving the environment.

Past Exhibitions